Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Today was my appointment.  Of course my knee has not been hurting for a few days now.  It was quite bad for a few days, and has been completely fine for 4 days or so now.  I still went because I am sure that something isn't quite right.  The therapist I saw was quite nice and seemed very knowledgeable.  She did some assessments and determined that it is my IT band that is tight and was causing problems.  She said that the fact that my feet turn out makes my IT bands tight then the added stress of running made it flare up.  She also mentioned that it feels like I have a thickened bit of retinaculum around my right knee.  Not exactly sure what that means. 

She recommended that I use a foam roller to work on my IT bands on a regular basis.  She also recommended icing them.  She used an ultrasound on my knee today to help break down adhesions in the tissues, and reduce inflammation.  I would say it really didn't feel like much, but I remembered how Jason said that ultrasound really helped with the tendinitis in his shoulder after his accident, so I am hoping it will help.  She suggested that I can ease back into running, but probably no runs longer than 10K this week.  I should maybe try a 5K run tomorrow just to test it out and see how I do. 

I am thinking that I might need to give up on the half marathon.  However, I think I will contact the organizer of the Mogathon and see about switching my registration over to the 5 or 10k event.  I will maybe give myself a week or so to get out and do some shorter runs and see how my legs hold up.  I don't think at this point I would be devistated to have to stop the half marathon training.  I have put a lot of work into it, but I do not want to hurt myself in a way that will affect me long term.

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