Tuesday, May 31, 2011

1000th post!

Seven years and five months later....I am still blogging.  Somedays I wonder why I have a blog.  I think that blogs are in some ways becoming a thing of the past.  People would much rather communicate via Facebook or Twitter.  I don't mind keeping a blog, but sometimes I feel like I don't have much worth saying.  Is my life really that interesting that people will keep coming back to read what I have to say?  I know I am not a great writer but I guess I have set out to just share my thoughts and the happenings in my life, and that is what I have done.

I am getting a little excited.  Why, you ask?  Tomorrow we will bid farewell to Jay's van.  It is the van that he had when we first met and it has served us well.  After some frustrating concerns about the pneumatic suspension over the last year or so, we decided it was time to think about getting a new van.  The new vans do not have pneumatic suspension, and generally seem to have a better set up that is less likely to run into these problems.

When we started to look at getting a new van, we were under the impression that we would trade the existing van in, as there is not much of a market for modified vehicles.  However, after going to Golden Mobility to check out new modified vehicle to see what was out there, Jason ran into a man and his wife who were in the market for a used modified van.  In the last two weeks they have been in communication and have come to an agreement of a price that is substantially more than Golden Mobility would be willing to offer for trade in.  The only catch is that Jay will be without independent transportation for up to three weeks (hopefully not longer...).  Golden Mobility is willing to lend us a loaner van that I can use to drive Jay around, but it is not something he can drive on his own.  At least he is not stuck with no ability to leave the house for three weeks.

I think the thing about the new van that I am most excited about is the ability for both of us to drive it.  They are able to make the driver/passenger seats interchangeable.  So if we go on a longer road trip, we can share the driving duties.  Or if we go somehwere picturesque, I can drive and Jay can be a passenger and take photos.  I am also really excited about the amount of cargo space in the back.  In the current van, the spare tire and a box with the compressor/valves/etc for the pneumatic suspension take up at least half of the space behind the back seat.  I think traveling will be quite pleasant in the new van.  Can't wait :)  


Karen said...

1000... I think we should celebrate with cake. What do you say.. your place? Tomorrow evening?

Angie said...

Haha, sounds good! If I would have saw this sooner, I would have somehow included it in the writing on the cake....oh well!