Monday, November 29, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

After three years of Christmas tree woes (returning 2 prelit trees that didn't work, and dealing with a decent looking. but incredibly wobbly tree) we have a tree. When I first set it up, I couldn't quite get over how skinny it was, but now that it's decorated I really like it. It fits beautifully into that corner of our living room and doesn't hog the limited space that our living room has to offer (like our last tree did). The best part of this tree, other than the fact that it doesn't wobble, is that it only weighs 8kg and it only cost $60! Awesome!

Earlier this year when we went out to Costco, long before the Christmas decorations should have been out, I spotted this little guy. I just fell in love with him and decided that I would have to have him. The next time we went to Costco we picked him up and I am glad to add him to our Christmas collection. I always enjoyed the claymation Rudolph movie, and now we can enjoy him, and his glowing nose, right in our own home :)

And in other news, I cut off more of my hair. I still wasn't loving my hairstyle, and I was due for at least a trim, so on Friday I went in. My hairdresser asked what I wanted to do and I was quite uncertain. I asked for her opinion. She suggested going a little shorter. I figured, why not?! Since my hair was already pretty short. And voila, I really like it now. It's super easy to do and I think it's pretty cute. I took this picture myself, so it's not the best, but it gives you an idea of how short it is.

I must apologize to my photographer husband for posting such blurry, sub par snap shots, but I wanted to share these with you :)

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Karen said...

Oh wow! That IS short!! I like it :)