Monday, November 08, 2010

Better Off Ted

A good friend recommended a show for me to watch called Better Off Ted. I had never heard of it. It first aired in March of 2009 and only ran for two short seasons (13 episodes each season...usually a tv show has about 22-24 episodes in a season). I had decided it was time to pick up a new tv show. Before I watched Better Off Ted, someone else had recommended How I Met Your Mother. After watching the first 8-10 episodes of the first season, it really hadn't wowed me, so I asked my friend Karen for some suggestions and she said Better Off Ted and Modern Family were worth a watch.

A few minutes into the first episode of Better Off Ted I was hooked. The characters were smart and funny, and the writing was very unique. I liked how Ted was both the main character, and the narrator of the episodes by 'breaking the 4th wall' and talking directly to the camera. I think that Portia de Rossi does an amazing job as Veronica...and just the overall concept of the show is great. I was pretty disappointed to find out that it was canceled half way through their second season. I watched the 26 episodes and am really itching to find out more about what is going on at Veridian Dynamics (the fictional company where the characters of the show work).

I was thinking about it though, and I remember how unique and hilarious the first 2 or 3 seasons of The Office were. I couldn't get enough, but by season 5 they were really starting to run out of good material and I stopped watching. Maybe by canceling Better Off Ted, we don't have to watch the show die a slow painful death. It just was there one moment, and gone the next. Don't get me started on the fact that the final episode Ted and Linda finally shared a kiss (not separated by a plexiglass hazmat mask like the first time), and I would have liked to see that story line develop a little more.

I have rewatched a couple of the episodes with Jason (he likes it too!) and I think that it is a show that is The Simpsons. It's still good for a laugh the second time around. When I think about all the trashy, garbage-y, stupid shows that have been on for a number of seasons, it really makes me sad to see a show of this caliber canceled so soon. Maybe someday they'll bring it back......

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