Sunday, October 24, 2010


A little over a month ago, I started to think about possibly planning a surprise birthday party for Jason, since it's his 30th birthday this year! I thought I would email his friend Stacey in Regina and see if him and Teri could come up for the night as a fun surprise for him. Stacey said they would make it work, so I set out to plan some sort of fun evening for Jason.

Around that time Jason had started voicing ideas about wanting to plan a birthday party this year, for his 30th. I made a decision that I would keep the details of the party as a surprise, but that I would tell Jason that I would like to plan something for him. I settled on taking him out for supper, and having Stacey and Teri meet us at the restaurant to help throw him off the suspicion that there might be more people coming over to surprise him. Then I invited a few friends over to our house while we were out for supper to further surprise him.

I settled on taking him to La Bamba Mexican restaurant for supper as it is a place we have been to once and really enjoyed, and thought it would be a good place to try again. I didn't tell him where we were going, I just gave him directions to drive and I really thought he would figure out where we were going before he did. When we were a couple of blocks from the restaurant he finally figured it out and was very pleased with the choice. When we were seated at the restaurant Stacey and Teri came up and asked if they could join us. I think Jay was pleasantly surprised.

We had a nice supper, that took MUCH less time than I anticipated. When we finished and were leaving the restaurant by 6:45pm, I tried calling Karen at our house and there was no answer. I thought, oh shoot, what do I do? I had told people to arrive at our house around 7pm and to expect us closer to 7:30pm. I had an intense internal debate about whether to just tell Jason that there would be people at our house, and maybe it would be a surprise to see who all showed up. But after some quick thinking I asked Jay if he could stop at Walmart because I needed to pick something up. He agreed so I was able to buy us a bit of time, and get out of earshot so I could try calling our house again. This time Karen was there and I told her to expect us within about 10 minutes. I looked for birthday candles, but couldn't find them, so I bought some ice cream to go with the birthday cake and dawdled as much as I could and finally we were on our way home around 7:15pm.

When we got back to our house, the lights were off and we came in to a dark house just as we left it (however the garaged door was unlocked and the outside lights were on, however Jay said he assumed I had forgotten to lock the garage and had turned on the outside lights, which I do sometimes when I know we will be getting home in the dark). As he came into the kitchen a few of our friends popped out and surprised him. Again, I think he was pleasantly surprised. :)

We spent the evening visiting and eating. I made Jason a rainbow cake. It is something I found while reading my daily dose of recipes on Not only did it taste good, it looked awesome! I will post a picture once Jason touches up the couple that he took. I commented to him today, that maybe because we don't have kids, I made him a fun/kid-like cake for his 30th birthday. Haha, oh well, it was way too cool :)

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Jay said...

I've never been so surprised or thrown off. Awesomely done, sweetie! It was an unforgettable evening.