Friday, July 02, 2010

Family Gathering

It looks like I will be heading out to Carrot River on August 7th with my parents and sister to celebrate my Uncle Elmer's 80th birthday. I haven't been to Carrot River since my grandma's funeral, five and a half years ago. We used to spend lots of time out there. I think when I was really young we would pack up and drive out there on Friday night after dad was done work for the week. Robin and I would sleep on the bed in the back of our old full size Chev van for the three and a half hour drive. We would stay until Sunday and head home again.

I have some really fond memories of times spent out at my aunt and uncle's farm. I loved when we would stay out there. It was much better than having to sleep on the floor in my grandma's one bedroom duplex in the room with my parents who both snore. Not to mention the grandfather clock that would chime every half hour.....that is now in mom and dad's house (that took some getting used to!).

Since grandma passed away there hasn't been too much reason to go out there anymore. Sure I still have a couple of aunts and uncles out there and a whack of cousins, but I am not really close with them. In fact it was quite something to see some of them at my grandma's funeral that I hadn't seen in probably eight to ten years. I remember specifically my one cousin Reg and his wife Rhonda, the last time I saw them before grandma's funeral, I think was at grandma's 80th birthday. At that time Rhonda was about 8 1/2 months pregnant, and when I saw them at grandma's funeral, their little girl who was in her mom's tummy was 10 or 12 years old! It is crazy to have such a big family. It's unfortunate that we aren't closer than we are, but most of my cousins are significantly older than me. I am the second youngest grandchild on my dad's side, out of twenty seven.

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