Monday, April 26, 2010

Weird Pain

I noticed a strange pain in my left side last night after I did the P90x stretching video. I didn't feel anything during the video that would indicate that I hurt myself. I just noticed that it felt like my bra strap was rubbing on my ribs on my left side. At first I thought maybe I had a pimple where my bra strap sits, but I checked and there was nothing. I wouldn't say it hurts all that much to touch, but if something rubs on it continually it gets sort of irritated. I did however notice this morning when I was doing the warm up for my work out that when I was hopping up and down a bit that any sort of bouncing motion made it hurt (though doing all my push ups and pull ups did not cause any pain).

Today I opted to wear a sports bra because I thought might rub a little less and it has felt okay. I was able to massage and feel fine for the most part. But after supper I took a bag of garbage out to the can without a jacket on and on the way back since I was cold I jogged back to the house. The bouncing motion of jogging made a pretty intense burning sensation on my left upper ribs. It stopped pretty much as soon as I stopped jogging, but it was intense. I have no idea what the problem is. I don't have much hope that my doctor would tell me anything other than to stop my work out program because that is likely the cause. I was thinking that maybe it is nerve pain, which I am pretty sure I have had before, just never in this spot. And usually it passes more quickly than this has. I just hope it takes a hike before tomorrow morning as I have Plyometrics again and it is all about jumping!

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