Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I survived it this morning. The last time I tried to do it a couple of weeks ago I actually ran out of steam about 3/4 of the way through and had to fast forward to the cool down. Today I made it (with some modifications of course)! This is a tough work out. Tony's lesson of the day (he usually has some lesson for each work out) for plyometrics is to think like a cat. Which basically means make sure you are landing softly when you jump. I was doing my best, but Jay did come out at one point to see why the house was shaking :P Angie's cat = elephant, haha!

I was thinking today about the nutrition plan that comes with P90X. I am not following it, but I was thinking today what it might be like. I think it would be interesting to see the changes in my body if I did follow it. I am sure my body fat percentage would decrease and my muscles might look more defined. But I feel that I just like food too much to restrict myself so much. I do like vegetables and fruits and whole grains and egg whites and chicken and I have even come to terms with fish fairly recently (I even tried a couple of varieties of sashimi aka raw fish at Nagoya for supper last night). But I also enjoy beef and farmer sausage and ketchup and bbq sauce. Not that those foods are bad, but I know that if I did want to go for a very lean/toned look that I would be wise to follow the P90X nutrition plan.

I think as long as I am taking in enough calories to have the energy to do the workouts I will be happy with my results. I know to not be hung up on the number on the scale. I am more concerned about how my clothes fit me, and my ability to go up and down the stairs a few times without being winded. I am embarking on this 90 day work out plan to get stronger and more fit. I am not going to go on the P90X Facebook group and whine that I am not getting the results I hoped for, because I know if I don't follow the diet that I am not going to look like the people on the P90X infomercial. However, depending how things go maybe if I do another round of P90X at some point I will strive to follow the nutrition plan just to maximize the benefits of the program.

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