Saturday, December 05, 2009

Bring On Christmas!

I think I am pretty much entirely ready for it. This may be the earliest that I have been totally ready. I am done shopping, wrapping presents, baking, decorating. What is left? I guess just sit back and enjoy it.

Tomorrow evening I am going to see Little Women at Persephone Theatre with my mom and sister. I wanted to go see it when I heard about it and thought it would be a fun mother/daughter activity. I also figured since both my mom and my sister have birthdays in December that I would buy their tickets for them and call it their birthday presents. Easy shopping! We talked about it and figured it would be fun to do supper out before the play, since it doesn't start until 8pm. Mom had the bright idea to pay for supper out for Robin and I as birthday gifts because my birthday is at the beginning of January. We are going to the Second Avenue Grill! I am very much looking forward to it!!

This Tuesday, me and my two coworkers are going out for supper (Ethiopian food....should be interesting!) and then bowling. This will be the most elaborate 'Christmas party' we have had at work since I started working there. I am looking forward to it. The three of us get along well, so it should be a fun evening. Then on Friday of this week we are doing a cookie/baking exchange. Each of us is giving the other two, four dozen cookies or squares or whatnot. That will add a great variety to my goodies to share with others this holiday season!

Then I don't have any specific holiday related activities until the 21st. We are going to get together with my family that night to celebrate Christmas, since Jay and I will be in Swift Current on the actual day. We are having mom, dad, Robin, Lorne and the boys over to our house for Chinese food and our gift exchange. I love having an extra Christmas celebration. It helps to spread things out so it isn't all concentrated into one day.

We are heading to Swift Current from the 24th to the 27th. I imagine we will come home well spoiled and filled with amazing food. It is hard to believe that in only three weeks Christmas will be done for another year. Then I have a 29th birthday to look forward to. Oh and our trip to Hawaii Moose Jaw in January to celebrate our 5th anniversary. That will bring us up to nearly the end of January. Hopefully having a number of events to look forward to will help the winter pass quickly. Hopefully...

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