Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Playing with Kiwi

I enjoy playing with Kiwi. I would say one of my favorite things to play with her is hide and seek. I do all the hiding and she does all the seeking. Typically what I do is I throw a toy for her, then when she runs to get it I run and hide behind a door, beside the bed, under the computer desk, behind the island in the kitchen, etc. and she looks for me quite frantically until she finds me. Let me tell you she is so happy when she finds me. She licks my face as if I haven't seen her in hours. She is a pretty smart dog and knows there are only so many places I can hide. She always looks behind the doors first, then usually beside the bed and in the shower in our bedroom. If she is really stumped I will say her name and she will find me in no time. She makes us laugh so much and brings us so much happiness. I love my little poochie!

One of my other favorite things to play is 'where's Jason?' If she is in another room or even sitting on his lap and you ask her, 'Where's Jason?" she will think about it. You can see the little wheels in her head turning. Then she will either run over and jump up on his lap and give him a thorough face wash, or if she is already sitting on his lap, after she thinks about it for a minute she will spin around, put her paws up on his shoulders and give him an equally thorough face wash. She is such a sweet little dog.

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