Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Fun Never Stops

The latest symptom of my hyper/hypothyroidism that has emerged is hair loss. It has been going on for a few weeks and is quite frustrating. There is hair on my clothes, sometimes in my food, in the shower, in our bed. I started to think, where is all this hair coming from and how can I could lose so much hair and not show any signs of thinning? I would say last week I noticed that when I put my hair in a ponytail that the ponytail was a fair bit thinner than usual. This morning when I went to blow dry my hair I noticed some fairly significant thinning patches right near my hairline. This sucks! I am thankful that I am mostly healthy, but this really sucks.

Know what else sucks.....(sorry if this is too much personal information....) but the last couple of months I have gotten two periods each month. Even with being on birth control, I have been having a week of spotting while on the pills. I haven't specifically mentioned this to my doctor, but in all the reading I have done about hyper/hypothyroidism these are possible symptoms. I don't imagine there is anything my doc can do.

I have a client at work who had graves disease a few years ago, then when they treated it she became hypothyroid. I asked her if she lost hair, and she said she had called her sister (a nurse) at one point in tears because she was pulling out clumps of hair and didn't realize it was part of the thyroid problem. Who knew that this one silly gland could cause so many crazy symptoms?! Sometimes I feel like I was better off having hyperthyroidism. But when I really think back on it, I didn't feel well when that was the case either. Plus it can be really bad for your heart, with the palpitations and jitters. Not fun. Though I wouldn't complain about the weight loss :P

While I am whining and complaining, I should say that in the last week or so my shoulders have been hurting while I have been treating at work. I don't know if it just tight muscles, or possible a bit of tendinitis setting in. It is quite disheartening. Especially since things were SO slow in September at work, then when October began the phone just seemed to magically start ringing. Not that I am so busy, but a lot more than I was in September. So now I finally have some work to do and I feel like my body is going to quit on me. I am thinking of maybe going for some physiotherapy. I don't think it would hurt for me to learn some proper stretching/strengthening exercises to look after myself better. I could also stand to have a weekly massage. I just don't always think of it and it gets expensive when you don't have benefits to cover massage.

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