Thursday, August 06, 2009

Newest Addition

We bought a car today! It was quite an easy process and in the end we paid only a hundred dollars more than we had potentially envisioned spending. We did decide to trade in my Grand Am and even did pretty well with the value we got for it. We dealt with Rob Paterson over at Ens Toyota and he was a decent guy. He has been selling cars for 21 years and he made everything feel quite smooth. I can only imagine some of the people he deals with. It reminds me of when we were trying to sell our condo privately and this older woman came in and had a thorough look around then I could totally see a change her in demeanor and she put on her 'bargaining face'. She started throwing numbers around and all we could say was "If you would like to make an offer you have to fill out an offer form." She never made an offer. I can only imagine the demeanor of some people who go onto car lots, though I am sure there are still a number of the car salesmen out there who have given the entire profession a bad reputation.

Anyway, getting back to the important part... My new car is a 2005 Mazda 3 GT. It has 33,000kms on it. It is a pretty blue. Automatic transmission (though it has a manual mode on the shifter). CD Player. ABS. Keyless entry. Sunroof. Air/Tilt/Cruise. 2.3L 4-cylinder engine with DOHC (very peppy!). Tinted windows. I am sure there are more specs I could give, but it's a pretty car, and once I actually get it (next Tuesday or Wednesday, I was told) I am sure Jay will take some pictures, or I can take some snapshots at least to post. I think it will be a fun car to drive and I am getting pretty excited to get it.

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