Friday, August 07, 2009


I just got a call from the specialist I saw in May about my hyperthyroidism. He called me because he got the results from my blood work earlier in the week and apparently my thyroid hormone levels are too low. I was starting to wonder if they weren't too low.

Rewind to the beginning of July when I was in to see my GP after her office called to say that she wanted to see me about my blood work results. I went in to see her and she said my thyroid numbers were much too high still so she upped the dose of my medication (from 450mg to 600mg per day). I did not feel terribly confident when she made that move. I had just been in to see Dr. Sharma, the specialist, about a month before that and obviously he thought that 450mg was the correct amount of medication for me to be on. When I was with my GP she had to get out her medication manual and read up on Propylthiouracil, as it sounded like it was a fairly new medication that she was not familiar with. After reading in the manual she figured the dosage should be upped. For the last month and a half I have been taking the higher dosage. In that time I have noticed myself put on about 15lbs and my goiter has gotten quite large. I wasn't sure if my numbers were getting back to normal, but I did wonder about the goiter. I assumed that once things were back to normal that my thyroid would also go back to normal.

I am glad that Dr. Sharma called me today. I sure didn't hear anything from my doctor's office, however I do have an appointment booked for next week with my GP. I am considering canceling it. Dr. Sharma told me to go back to the 450mg and to go for blood work again in another month. I have a feeling that my GP will not have anything to add to that, and I don't particularly feel like her being paid for a pretty useless appointment. But then I almost feel like going in to see what she tells me to do. Then casually slip in the fact that I had spoken with Dr. Sharma and tell her what he told me to do. I was quite impressed that Dr. Sharma called me at 5:30pm on a Friday.

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