Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Optometrists and Glasses

I like going to see the optometrist. Even if I do find out that my eyes have gotten weaker, I think that there is nothing painful about going to the optometrist. The dentist on the other hand...

When I was a young child (age 2) I was referred to a ophthalmologist because my left eye would turn cross eyed when I didn't have glasses on, also I was incredibly far sighted. My parents said that as a kid I would look across a room, see a toy, then when I went to retrieve the toy I would have a hard time actually seeing it to pick it up. I was put into bifocals at the age of two. I wore bifocals until grade three when I was in a car accident. While I was admitted to RUH they got me an appointment with my specialist who checked my eyes and said I no longer needed the bifocals and therefore could start seeing my regular optometrist. At the time I was disappointed because I enjoyed going to see Dr. Romanchuk, as I got to watch cartoons and wear funny glasses and look at fun pictures. By the time I was 12 I no longer needed glasses at all, until about four years ago when I was told it might help to get some glasses to clear up my vision.

Our family has gone to see Dr. Robinson at the Midtown Tower for as long as I can remember. He is a very nice, personable doctor. I was in to see him yesterday and they took me in to do my pretesting right at my scheduled appointment time, then he came in to see me in the exam room within two or three minutes of me being put in there. He told me how healthy my eyes are, but that they are a little weaker than they were two years ago when I had my last checkup. I think he has had the same gold pen for the last 20 years, when he gets me to follow the pen with my eyes to make sure they can follow things properly. He asked if I wanted to get new glasses, or just stick with my old ones for now. I decided I would like to look at new ones. He took me over to their dispensary right away and I was helped by a super friendly lady. I tried on about 25 pairs and we finally narrowed it down to two that we both liked the best. I was not wanting to buy right now, so I asked her to make note of them on my file and that I would do some shopping around and possibly be back. When I was leaving the Midtown I poked my head into Pearle Vision who was having a buy one get one free sale. After looking in there for two minutes, I got the impression that I would have a hard time finding one pair that I liked, let alone two!

Today I decided to check out Vogue Optical. I was more optimistic about their selection when I went in there. They also do the two for the price of one deal all the time. I like that. I think I would consider getting prescription sunglasses so that I can drive with sunglasses on and still see as well as I would like to. I tried on a number of frames and found some regular glasses frames that I didn't mind. I also tried on some potential sunglasses frames. I have a wide bridge on my nose and do not often find that plastic frames without nose pads fit on my nose very well. The lady who was helping me grabbed what I would consider to be some trendier frames. They were bigger than what I would have chosen for myself and they did not have the nose pads. I tried on a couple of pairs that were like "ew, no way!" but then she gave me this one pair. I think that they fit my nose quite well and I liked them, quite a bit. Even though they were very different than something I would have chose for myself they were really cool. I think with sunglasses it would be nice to have better overall coverage and I think I can understand some of these vintage inspired big sunglasses that you see people wearing these days.

One of these days I hope to take Jason there with me to get a second opinion and maybe go ahead and order something. I can be indecisive at times and find it's not a bad idea to have a second opinion. I found the sales lady at Vogue Optical to be fairly helpful, but she could have been more friendly and given more feedback. I really appreciated the lady at the dispensary at the optometrists office. She had a lot of feedback for me and was very helpful in deciding what looked good and what didn't. The Vogue Optical lady picked out quite a few frames, but also thought that most of them looked good, which I didn't necessarily agree with. The lady at the dispensary would say, you know, that one doesn't really suit you. Maybe I'll check out Vogue Optical downtown to see if there is someone friendlier there.

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