Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The English Patient

I swear this will be my last post about this movie. I just wonder if anyone who reads this had ever seen the movie? And if so how did you find it? I have talked to two different people who have seen it who could hardly make it through the whole movie because it was so boring. I have watched it three times in the last three or four weeks. I am almost ashamed to admit that....but something about it just touches me. I wonder why I am so drawn to a movie that makes me feel so incredibly sad. I have always enjoyed a good tear jerker, but this one just feels different for some reason. It doesn't make me bawl, I just feel SO sad when it is over. I am thinking about tracking down a copy of the book to read. See if it can add any interesting details or maybe it would be boring.

I also have found that I have the main character's name stuck in my head for days now. He is Hungarian and his last name is Almasy. But it's pronounced All-ma-she. Something like that. It keeps rolling around in my head.....Allmashey, Allmashey, Allmashey. I can't get it out, haha. I think, at least for now, this movie has found a place at the top of my favorite movies.

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