Sunday, May 24, 2009

Craving a Chick Flick

This weekend I was in the mood to watch something very romantic and funny and well, a chick flick. I always feel bad subjecting Jason to these things, so I watched by myself. I watched Bridget Jones' Diary and Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. I have to say that I quite enjoyed both. I was telling Jason before that I must have been in the mood for them because at the particularly romantic parts I got butterflies in my stomach and felt sort of giddy. Hehe.

I don't really care much for Renee Zellweger, however she was quite good in those movies. I remember all the hype about her putting on 20lbs for the role. I really didn't think she looked all that chubby, maybe healthy. But I suppose compared to the Hollywood standard she was a fat cow in that movie. Also, I do not really find Hugh Grant very nice to look at. His face looks droopy to me. I think it's just his eyes. Not sure that I have ever found him to be that great of an actor. I do however enjoy Colin Firth as an actor and he's not bad to look at and was glad he didn't play the bad guy in the movies.

I found them to be quite vulgar, but I did enjoy the love story. They are British movies, and I wonder, after having watched them, and a few other British movies that throw F-bombs out there quite readily, I wonder if that word is not quite as vulgar there as it is here? Not sure, but I do know that wanker is pretty vulgar over in Britain, but here, not so much. I also learned from these movies that a jumper is a sweater in Britain. A jumper here is more of a dress....anywho...

I would recommend them if you are not easily offended by a few f-bombs and are looking for a good chick flick :)

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