Thursday, February 12, 2009

We are such nerds

Valentine's Day is Saturday. Jay and I usually don't do a whole lot to celebrate this day, but in the past usually have gotten each other a card and maybe a small gift. Usually we cook a nice supper together and just enjoy each others company. This year is not really any different. V-day falls on a Saturday which is nice.

A few days ago I started thinking about getting us tickets for a symphony concert maybe as a Valentine's gift for us. We haven't been for a couple of years and always enjoy it. I started looking on the ticketmaster website to see when the concerts are and who the special guest performers are. In looking at the upcoming events at the Centennial Auditorium (I refuse to call it TCU Place :P) I saw something called Video Games Live. I thought to myself "I wonder what that's all about?" I went to their website. Apparently they travel around to different cities and use the city's symphony orchestra to do their concert of music from different video games. Everything from Super Mario Bros to Sonic the Hedgehog to Earthworm Jim and Castlevania just to name a few. I thought to myself "Hey I bet this would be right up Jay's alley!" I thought about going and getting tickets to surprise him for Valentine's Day but doubted myself and decided to ask him about whether he would be interested in going. He agreed that it would be neat, so today I went and got us tickets. It won't be a surprise but I think it'll be neat. There aren't too many concerts that have come to town that both of us would be interested in, but this should be good. I am sure that Jay will know more of the music than me, but I always appreciate a good symphony performance. I bet there will be lots of nerds there....haha.

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