Thursday, December 18, 2008

T - minus one week

It's hard to believe Christmas is only a week away! I still don't feel overly Christmasy. I have done all the typical activities that usually help get me feeling Christmasy. These things include going to the Festival of Trees, The Enchanted Forest, baking, decorating the house, watching the movie Elf, getting together with friends, to name a few. I guess we will get together with family next Monday then again on Christmas day and then on Boxing Day. Maybe that will make it feel more Christmasy.

We had an awesome supper out Monday night at The Granary with Karen and Levi. Arleen and Arlen were supposed to join us but both of their cars died on them so unfortunately it was supper for four instead of six. It was a great yummy supper and the company was great too!

Then Tuesday at work my coworkers and I exchanged gifts and had some Christmas goodies. Last night was our small group Christmas get together. Again, lots of good food. I had a bit of a tummy ache last night. I really need to learn to pace myself. Or be hypnotized into not liking sweets....that might be an option.

This weekend is fairly low key. I get to go for a massage that I feel like I desperately need. I have had a busy last couple of months at work and I feel overdue for a massage. I hope it's's with a person I have never been to. Monday we are heading over to mom and dad's for Chinese food supper and our family gift exchange. After that, one more day of work then it's Christmas eve!

In the mean time I guess I have to clean the house since we are hosting Christmas dinner this year (14 adults and 4 children). We will need to get some groceries and I will need to figure out which stuffing recipe I would like to use this year. Growing up we never had home made stuffing. When we went to gramma and grampa's in Calgary gramma would make it, but otherwise it was always stovetop stuffing with our turkey dinner. I like stovetop but home made is SO good, mmm!

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