Friday, December 05, 2008

A few random thoughts

- I had one of my busiest weeks I have ever had this week. I saw 18 clients, which may not sound like much. There are some therapists that see 7 or 8 clients per day. With the way my body is feeling after this busy week, I think if I saw many more than this my arms might fall off.

- I checked out the store Bath Goddess this week. I have seen it a number of times in the past few months on my way to or from work and have wanted to stop in. I finally did and I think it is a super cool store. They sell all sorts of lotions/bath products/soaps/etc. The really neat thing is that they are all natural products and if you don't like any of their signature scents, they have a scent bar with over 200 scents and you can choose one or mix and match the scents to create your own completely custom made scent. They will then add that scent to any of their products and you have your very own custom product. They also said that you can buy one of their unscented products as a gift and give it to someone and they can come in and choose their own scent. I will definitely be back!

- I am done my Christmas shopping!

- I can't believe how cheap some people are. I had someone purchase a gift certificate from me this week then ask if they could have a receipt to claim it on their insurance. Hmmm...

- Our gate should be installed sometime within the next week or so. *crosses fingers* Finally Kiwi can run free!

- I ran into an ex-boyfriend's mom this week. She said to me, "So, are you still married?" Haha. Then she proceeded to tell me that both of her children had moved out now (they are 28 and 26ish, I think) and she said "it sucks". She was/is a very controlling person and I hope that her children are able to find some independence without her breathing down their backs 24/7.

- My inlaws were in town this week and my very thoughtful and kind mother-in-law did some Christmas baking for me. It is so appreciated :)

- I am starting to look forward to Christmas. I don't know if I have reached that really Christmasy mood that makes it so much fun. But I am getting there and it feels nice. I think last year I felt very 'bah humbug-ish' so this is a nice change.

- I am not sure we have enough chairs for 14 adults and 4 children at our family Christmas we are hosting. We may need to ask people to bring lawn chairs and their own place setting. Ha!

- Jay is a sweet, handsome, loving husband. I am so thankful to have such a good man :)

- I am looking forward to having supper out on the 15th with four good friends and my husband.

- I found the episode of The Office from last night hilarious. Such a great show! I was trying to figure out which episode was the one where Jim conditions Dwight to ask for a breath mint each time he restarts his computer. I will have to look it up. Update: Good ole Youtube, found the clip:

- This is my 700th post! Look at me go!

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