Saturday, November 15, 2008

Overall, it's been a great day

It has been a great Saturday. Flyball with Kiwi was fun. I even made her a new tug toy by cutting up one of her $1 Dollarama dog blankets and braiding three strips together. She seems to really like it. Then grocery shopping was good, I enjoy grocery shopping. Hung out for a while at home then gave Jay a massage.

Most people probably assume that since I am a registered massage therapist that my husband gets massages all the time. Well I am ashamed to admit that he doesn't. He gets 5 or 10 minutes when I can find the time and/or strength. Today I gave him almost a whole hour and I think he appreciated it. That's what he told me afterwards anyway.

On to making supper. We roasted a whole chicken which we had never done before. We have bbqed a whole chicken (mmm beer can chicken) but never roasted one. It was so juicy and tender and we had it with some stir fried veggies and jasmine rice (a new favorite type of rice, love it!) and finished up with a piece of apple pie we got at the grocery store today.

After supper I watched a couple of episodes of The Office. I have been sucked into watching. In the last week I have watched the first two seasons in their entirety and let me be the first to admit that my heart melted just a little bit when Jim and Pam kissed in the season finale of season two. It has been quite some time since a tv show has made me laugh like that show does. I love the way it is filmed (documentary style) it's just so unique. I think that Michael and Dwight are hilarious and have been enjoying the fun times that Jim and Pam have had pulling pranks on Dwight. I am interested to see what seasons 3 and 4 will bring. I imagine within the next week I will be done the whole first 4 seasons and will have to wait from week to week to see the wacky adventures of those at Dundin Miffler. Great show!

Then I decided after buying a Christmas tree a few days ago that I would try to set it up downstairs just to make sure all the lights work and maybe work on fluffing and shaping it then just move it upstairs in a few weeks when it's time to have a tree set up. Well I set it up and you would not believe that a section of lights was burned out. I tried ever plug in and could not get this one section to work. GRRRR! The same thing happened last year when I bought a prelit Christmas tree except this one only weighs about 20 or 30lbs and the one last year was 75-100lbs and was a REAL hassle to get home and then to return. I have come to the conclusion that we are not going to EVER have a prelit tree. What are the chances that would happen to us two years in a row!? Maybe we should just get a real tree again. It wasn't so bad, we would just have to wait until later in December so it doesn't dry out like it did last year. We will see. I saw a decent looking tree at Costco last time we were there, with absolutely NO lights on it.

After that Jay and I played Wii tennis and had some night snack apple pie (I am surprised we are not chubbier than we are). Oh yeah, and somewhere in there we picked out a picture for our Christmas card this year. I am going to order them from Costco and hopefully Jay can pick them up when he is out there on Tuesday. The day is drawing to a close and I am getting sleepy, very sleepy..... Nite nite.

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