Saturday, October 11, 2008

Uncle Riley

Jason's parents got a puppy! It is Jason's mom's birthday/retirement gift as she just turned 60 and will be retiring at the end of the month. Jay and I have decided to call him Uncle Riley because Jay is an only child and this pup is Jason's parents new baby. I guess it's Kiwi's Uncle Riley, even though he is a few months younger than her. He was a rescue dog (abandoned in a ditch) so they don't know an awful lot about him. He definitely looks like a shihtzu cross. I was trying to place it and the only thing I can think is maybe yorkshire terrier because of the markings. However they tend to be quite small and this guy looks pretty big from what I have been able to tell. They aren't totally sure about the age, but were told maybe around 3 months. I look forward to meeting little Riley and I can just imagine what Kiwi will think of him. I hope they have many good play times together :)

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