Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Epicure party was last night and I think it was a big success. I ended up having seven guests plus me and Melissa (the Epicure lady). I was again impressed with the products they have to offer. The tasting parties are so much fun! You get to smell a lot of good things and taste a lot of good things as well. My house still smells like mulling spices (if I could smell anything right now....). I was surprised the with the total sales of my party and thankful that people came and bought some good stuff!

I have been developing a cold for the last couple of days (hence my comment about not being able to smell anything). I honestly cannot remember the last time I had a bad cold. I have had a few minor ones in the last year or so but not one like this for a long time. I am thankful that I am a relatively healthy person with a good immune system. Considering I work with a lot of different people at work, there is a lot of potential to be exposed to things. I have had a fairly slow week at work, which has been okay considering I don't feel all that energetic. I have to say though that trying to massage someone with a runny nose is such a frustration! It seems that even if my nose feels fine and not runny, as soon as I start massaging it starts running. So I try to discreetly dab at my nose or sniffle quietly. I am sure it's not that great for my clients, but I can't always take a day off if I feel a little sniffly. I am hoping that this cold will start to clear up soon!

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