Friday, August 29, 2008

Yay, it's the weekend

I saw 17 clients this week. I am pooped! Glad for the pickup in business this week, but thankful for the opportunity to go for a massage after work today. We don't really have any long weekend plans, other than sleeping in, maybe checking out Cranberry Flats (never been out there before) and I am going to see Mamma Mia with my mamma and sister on Sunday afternoon.

Usually when I go for a massage I am reluctant to tell the therapist that I am also a massage therapist. Often on the health history form you fill out asks what your occupation is. The clinic that I went to today did not ask, so I didn't offer that information. I find that when therapists find out they are treating another therapist, they feel free to chat and sometimes it's just nice to relax without the chitchat. I couldn't believe how sore my rotator cuff muscles were. I was just about coming off the table, but managed to suck it up long enough to try and release some of the trigger points in there. I actually made myself another appointment for two weeks from today. I have never kept to a very regular schedule with massage (being as I don't have a health plan that covers it), but I think my body could use a bit of a tune up and maybe I should start taking my own advice and treat my tense muscles aggressively initially then back off the treatments to a once/month maintenance treatment. We'll see what happens...

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