Friday, August 22, 2008

It only took three years and three months

I get a parking spot behind the building at work! For the last three years and three months I have rented a space from Impark about a block away from the office. I have to admit that the one behind the building is going to cost me an extra $30/month, however it is a 24 hour reserved spot for me. It has a plug in for winter and is close enough that my command start with pathetic range should be able to start from the warm comfort of our building. I will also point out that the Impark lot that I parked in was sometimes full (meaning I had to find a different lot to park in, then call the office to tell them so I wouldn't get a ticket for parking in the wrong lot. I will also point out that it did not get plowed ONCE last winter and there was at least one occasion that I got stuck to the point of needing someone to help push me out. Also in spring since it is just gravel, it is a soupy mess! I think it is worth it for $30 extra dollars per month. Our buliding is also within about a block of the midtown plaza, so I won't have to park underground or worry about trying to find parking on the street during the crazy Christmas parking rush. Yay!

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