Monday, June 09, 2008

Weekend Activities

We were planning to get up early on Saturday morning to go to the Farmer's Market hopefully before everything was thoroughly picked over. However with sleeping in until 9am, then trying to entertain the dog for a while we only made it out there at about noon. We managed to get some garden carrots (yum!), some asparagus (for supper tonight) and some roll kuchen. The roll kuchen disappeared very quickly even though there was no watermelon in sight! Good stuff!

Saturday evening our Bible study group had our year end windup BBQ. It was really good! Our friends were generous enough to feed us all steak and baked potatoes. We all brought along something to share. I brought Mexican bean salad and everyone seemed quite impressed. I know we love the recipe, but it makes such a big batch that we can't (and shouldn't) eat all those beans on our own, so we love to have the opportunity to share it with friends. After supper we played a game of Balderdash. I think that is one of my favorite group games. We had some very creative answers and some pretty funny ones.

Yesterday was sort of a lazy day. Went to church, came home, had a lazy afternoon and a lazy evening. I can't believe how quickly the weekends disappear! Only five more weeks of work until holidays!

One last thing. I am getting very anxious for my friend Karen to have her baby. She was due yesterday....but I saw her on MSN for a while yesterday so I am thinking she probably didn't have it. But then she isn't signed onto MSN yet this morning, so maybe they are at the hospital now....or not. Maybe she's busy with other stuff and isn't on the computer. *sigh* I am so excited to meet this little baby. I told her at one point that I don't want to know when they are on the way to the hospital, or when she is labour. I just want to hear about it when it's all over.....well I am starting to think I want to know. I don't.....just getting very excited for this baby to come.

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