Thursday, April 10, 2008

The star of the show

I feel like a proud parent. Last night at puppy class for the last few minutes we took out another piece of agility equipment, the A-frame and practiced taking the dogs over that. Most dogs had to be dragged up to the top point then sort of slid down the other side. After the first round Kiwi was pulling on the leash wanting to run up and over. I had to hold her back because the puppy in front of her was pretty scared of this big obstacle. When it was her turn she ran up to the top and stopped waiting for her treat, then down the other side without being prompted. I was so proud of her :)

Then she finally figured out how to play with other dogs. Up until this point it was just about sniffing other dogs then coming back to us for reassurance. She actually was romping around with a little chocolate lab last night. At one point this boy who was there with his dog and his mom ran down to the other end of the room where we have our puppy class and about five of the other dogs, Kiwi included, ran after him. It was quite adorable :) I am thoroughly enjoying puppy class, and I think it might be sad for Kiwi once it is over. I would like to continue with some more obedience and possibly some agility training for her, just so she gets a chance to be around other dogs and lots of people.

She has also lost two more teeth, and the top two that fell out have been replaced already with the start of some grown up teeth. She is up to a whopping EIGHT pounds too! She is such a great little dog. I just can't wait for it to dry up outside so she isn't wet and muddy EVERY time she comes in.

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