Sunday, November 20, 2005

Getting ready for Christmas...

Yesterday Jason and I decorated for Christmas. We brought out everything, well maybe not EVERYTHING, because his mom and other relatives have kept him well stocked in Christmas decorations over the last few years since he moved out. Our tree looks just perfect, except we are in the market for a new tree topper this year. We plan to stop at Walmart after church today to check out their selection of tree toppers. We are hoping that we can find a nice one that lights up for a reasonable price.

On Friday Jason and I went shopping on my lunch break. We found a couple more gifts as well as a great pair of pants for Jay. Now that might not sound like a great feat, however pants are a tricky thing for Jay to find. I have seen him try on and scrap a few pairs of pants over the time that I have known him, but this is the first pair of pants that have totally worked for him. Yay :) I am pretty close to being done my Christmas shopping. I have a few small things to buy, then I will be done! Woohoo!

An update on my blog from November 4th, 2005. Everything worked out just fine. I still feel bad about what happened, but everything has worked out and I am okay :) Just thought I would mention that.

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